Call Recording &

The PBX call recording, e-discovery, compliance and forensics platform that helps retain, organize and mine call data

Call Recording

Record and transcribe PBX calls

Call Discovery

Search transcriptions & playback


Satisfy records requests


Gain valuable insight into
customer interactions

CallArchiva is the ideal solution for companies needing to monitor and review historical PBX call recordings

Assure call quality

Analyze call interactions to ensure every customer receives a consistent, positive experience

Boost agent performance

Examine call transcripts to identify opportunities for improvement and further refinement

Reveal customer needs

Leverage call data to glean valuable insights into customer concerns and aspirations

Retain valuable knowledge

Review call history to recall important details discussed in conversations.

Resolve disputes

Leverage accurate call records to resolve potential disputes with customers that may arise. 

Reduce legal exposure

An inability to produce call data is not an acceptable legal defense

Comply with legislation

Ensure compliance with archiving legislation (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley Act)

3000+ companies rely on the MailArchiva platform 

e-Discovery power at your finger tips

Transcribe PBX calls to text using speech-to-text (STT) technology

Accurately search across call transcripts and meta-data

Play back and listen to historical call recordings

Mail module - at any stage, add email, calendar, contact archiving and e-discovery to the CallArchiva platform (licensed separately).


Choose your preferred solution

CallArchiva MSP

All CallArchiva features

For Managed hosting providers

Native multitenancy

Centralized management & deployment

Recurring billing model

CallArchiva On-Premise

All CallArchiva features

For companies (10 to 100,000+ mailbox)

Free for small business (<=9 mailbox)

Linux / Windows OS

Once-off perpetual lic with 20% support

CallArchiva Cloud

All CallArchiva features

For companies (10 to 100,000+ mailbox)

Full managed & 99,95% SLA uptime

Redundant data storage

Per year / month billing

CallArchiva integrates with many different PBX's